How It Works

We offer a vast selection of yachts, boats & yachts in idyllic destinations around the world - that fit your requirements and budget.

Our boats are placed within 3 budgets range. If you want pure luxury we have that too, and everything in between.

Low Budget
up to €80 €100 €200
Medium budget
up to €250 €400 €450
High Budget
Anything higher

You can book and pay safely online for all of our boats and we have strict procedures in place so each booking goes ahead without any hitches.

Boat rental accommodation is a smart way to discover places without compromising on the style, comfort and flexibility of luxurious hotels.  

We help you find the perfect boat or yacht to stay on

We connect you with a boat owner or boat manager

Each boat profile includes information on the number of cabins & bathrooms, a description of the boat, details of the boat owner, availability of the boat, and photos.

As our holiday guests, you will be met on arrival by the owner or their representative, and given a welcome pack and introduction at the start of your boat holiday, so that you will be fully familiarised with the space and the location, enabling you to relax and enjoy.

Cancellation and payment policies are set in advance, and the payment is made at the time of booking confirmation. We encourage you to read our Terms of Use before you make a booking.